Dec.1924 Daido Yoshiten Ltd. founded.
May.1942 Status of overseas agencies in Shanghai,Tianjin, Qingdao, and Beijing raised to branch office.
Jul.1944 Status of overseas agencies in Hong Kong raised to branch office.
Aug.1945 Loss of all overseas agencies and branch offices at the end of the war.
1970 More.
jan.1956 Singapore Representative office opened.
Oct.1969 Melbourne Representative office opened.
Apr.1970 Jakarta Representative office opened.
Apr.1971 Overseas subsidiary Daido Australasia established.
Sep.1972 Helsinki Representative office opened.
Mar.1973 Daido Yoshiten Ltd. Merged with Oji Group Trading Co.Ltd and changed company name to DaiEi Papers Ltd.
Sep.1974 Sydney Branch Office of Daido Australasia(current DaiEi Australasia Ptv. Ltd)opened.
Apr.1976 Hong Kong Representative office opened.
Dec.1976 Overseas subsidiary Tai Wing HK(current DaiEi Paper (H.K.)Ltd.) established.
1980 More.
Oct.1981 Dusseldorf and Beijing Representative office opened.
Nov.1981 New York Representative office opened.
Jul.1982 Overseas subsidiary DaiEi Papers(USA) Corp. established.
Dec.1982 San Francisco Branch Office of DaiEi Papers (USA) Corp.opened.
Apr.1985 Taipei Representative Office of DaiEi Papers(H.K.)Ltd. opened.
Jun.1985 Status of Singapore Representative office raised to branch office.
Apr.1988 GALLOP & CO.(H.K.) Ltd. involved in management by Hattori Paper & Board Ltd.
1990 More.
Oct.1991 Kuala Lumpur Representative office opened.
Aug.1992 Shanghai Representative office of DaiEi Papers(H.K.)Ltd. opened.
Aug.1993 Helsinki Representative office merged with Dusseldorf Representative Office.
Apr.1994 Manila Representative office opened.
Feb.1995 Brisbane Representative office of DaiEi Australasia Pvt.Ltd. opened.
Apr.1995 Auckland Representative office of DaiEi Australasia Pvt. Ltd. opened.
May.1996 Bangkok Representative office opened.
Apr.1997 Overseas subsidiary DaiEi Singapore established.
Oct.1999 DaiEi Papers Ltd. merged with Nichina Co., Ltd. and changed company name to Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd.
2000 More.
Spt.2000 DaiEi Papers Ltd.(S.A.) started Representative office in India.
Nov.2001 Guangzhou Representative Office of DaiEi Papers(H.K.)Ltd opened.
Apr.2002 DaiEi Papers International Corporation spun off from Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd.
Apr.2002 Johannesburg Representative Office of DaiEi Australasia Pvt. Ltd. opened.
Jan.2006 Delhi Representative Office of DaiEi Singapore opened.
Mar.2006 Seoul Branch opened.
Oct.2006 Kokusai Pulp & Papers Co.,Ltd. merged with Hattori Paper & Board Ltd.(Overseas Trade Division of Hattori Paper & Board. and GALLOP & CO.(H.K) Ltd. joined DaiEi Papers International Corporation.)
Oct.2006 DaiEi Papers(India) Pvt.,Ltd opened.
Jul.2007 U.A.E Branch of DaiEi Singapore opened.
Oct.2007 Kokusai Pulp&Paper Co., Ltd. merged with Kashiwai Co.,Ltd.
Apr.2008 DaiEi Papers(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. opened.
2010 More.
May 2011 – DaiEi India Mumbai branch office opened.
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